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Bravo Resumes is a leading authority in the creation of unique, extraordinary resumes that produce life changing results. Our resume designers are English speaking, Award Winning artists.


Our custom designed, full color PDF resumes make an impression that cannot be matched by traditional, plain text resumes.

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Considering the impact a new or dream job could have in your life, our custom resumes are a cost effective solution for anyone seeking employment.

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The 15-Second Review

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Did you know potential employers will spend approximately 20 seconds scanning each of the 50-100 resumes in front of them? An easy-to-read format enables them to read your whole resume rather than a small portion in those 20 seconds. Your objective is to capture the recruiters’ attention while encouraging a more in-depth reading. This can

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What Is The Purpose Of A Resume?

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The #1 purpose of any resume is… To get an interview! Because recruiters often go through 100’s of resumes, it’s critical your resume stands out from the competition. When most candidates rely on boring, plain text resumes, Bravo resumes are striking, full color PDF documents that make an impression. When creating your resume, you should

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What Is The Best Resume Length?

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Experts agree, resumes should be conscious and to the point. With this in mind, one question lingers… What if a candidate’s experience doesn’t fit on one page? ONE PAGE Use when applying for a specific job that does not require a lot of explanation. Use when you do not have extensive work experience. When your

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